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What is Arduino – Introduction to Arduino for Beginners

Introduction to Arduino for Beginners

In this article, we explain the basics surrounding arduino. As the title indicates, this article is for absolute beginners in the world of electronics and for people who are beginning with arduino boards.

In this article, we are going to blink an LED using our arduino board. I will be using an Arduino Uno board to demonstrate the whole process. Before going deep, if you are very new to arduino, I suggest you read the following articles.

Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform based on a micro controller. Arduino boards are usually made using Atmel’s Atmega series micro controllers or ARM micro controllers. Arduino is an open source hardware project which means the designs of board (the hardware architecture, CAD files) are available to public with open source license. Anyone can modify the hardware designs and the associated software.

stereo amplifier circuit BA5417

What you can do with Arduino

“If you can imagine it, you can create it” – these lines best describes arduino. You can build any kind of interesting projects and applications using your arduino board. Let’s see some examples:-

1. A 4WD Robot with Remote Control – This is an interesting robotics project built using an arduino compatible board. The remote control in this project is created using the XBEE radio. You may see the video given in the project article to see how the robot operates.

2. GPS Cat Tracker – is another interesting project created using TinyDuino (another arduino compatible board). This project helps to track any moving object or living being using GPS.

There are hundreds of different projects that you can try with arduino. I have listed just 2 of them. In the coming days, we will be publishing many different projects based on Arduino. Subscribe to our Email Newsletter to receive exciting new projects in your email.

The Arduino Platform

Arduino was originally designed for non technical people. In fact, the founders of Arduino designed it for creative people like visual artists, digital designers and the likes. It is very clear from the book written by one of the Arduino founder Massimo Banzi. If you read his book on Arduino – Getting Started with Arduino, you will find things explained at the simplest level possible using real world analogies any common man can understand. I will reproduce the main lines written by Massimo Banzi in Chapter 3 of his book – Getting started with Arduino.

“Arduino is composed of two major parts:the Arduino board, which is the piece of hardware you work on when you build your objects; and the arduino IDE, the piece of software you run on your computer. You use the IDE to create a sketch (a little computer program) that you upload to the arduino board. The sketch tells the board what to do.”

This is one of the simplest description given to an electronics prototyping board, and is easily understood by anyone. I will be coming up with a detailed article on Arduino hardware and software next – in which I will explain the board in detail. The photograph given below is the side view of Arduino Uno board made in Italy.

stereo amplifier circuit BA5417