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Voice Recorder IC

Supplier & Trader of voice recorder IC. Our product range also comprises of GSM Modems, GPS Receiver and Bluetooth Module.

Voice Recorder IC

Voice Recorder IC



Upto 7 kinds of operating mode: mp3 mode, one to one key mode, parallel mode, one record one play key mode, Audio book mode, two-wire serial mode and three-wire serial mode.

Support MIC and LINE IN Recording.

support plug in 64M bit SPI-FLASH, Recording time upto 1600 secs.

Support upload and download voice via USB.

Support playback the high-quality voice which downloaded from computer.

can record upto 252 segment voice (including fix voice).

with function of power down data protection.

Support audio recording at 10kHZ or 14 KHz sample rate.

Adopt a separate data management system, recording without debris, more reasonable distribution of SPI FLASH space.

Support key and MCU Control.

8 level controllable volume

Operating voltage: DC 2.6-3.6V , sleep current>10uA.