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3 Books to Learn Arduino – Review of the Best Arduino Books

In this article, we provide you review of 3 popular books that can provide you good knowledge in Arduino platform. These books give all the basics needed in electronics as well as programming. Simple as well as complicated projects are also provided with detailed explanation and codes so that the reader can get some application level skills as well. These books are ideal for the novice as well as expert in electronics, who would like to begin playing with Arduino.

#1 Beginning Arduino – Michael McRoberts

This is considered one of the best arduino books available. Even though Arduino is open source and its information is available in plenty, this book supports a beginner from the first step to immediate success in the simplest, approachable and coherent way possible. This book is a must buy for Arduino fresher’s who have very little knowledge in basic electronics and is a novice in programming. The book gives very good explanation in a consistent pattern and useful graphics and also teaches some very important tools. The book also gives a better understanding of the relation between hardware and software with good introduction to technologies and code listings. The use of the prototype wiring tool Fritzing is also clearly explained. All the basic sensors used in the projects are explained neatly. A complete code listing is also provided for all the projects along with a code dissection for the complicated ones. There are 50 neat, well explained projects that can be easily made by a beginner in this field. This book will open up a new world of things that the Arduino can do with projects beginning from a simple flashing LED to creating an internet weather station to sophisticated GPS systems and much more.

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#2 Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis

This book is considered a great resource for anyone for an introduction in Arduino and physical computing. It is one of the few books that have updated content for Arduino 1.0. As the name of the book specifies, the contents in this book is organized as ‘recipes’ and you can combine them to get all kinds of things. The book has many chapters that explain the interfacing techniques of various sensors and devices with a Arduino. The book is very useful for hobbyists who are looking for new experiments and is looking out for an easy-to-consult guide to any hardware, software, interfacing or communication problem that the person may face while designing his own practical application. Most of the examples are approached with different styles.

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#3 Getting Started with Arduino – Massimo Banzi

This is the cheapest Arduino book available in the market today. The book is highly recommended as an introductory guide to help you on your way. As a novice, you can easily get all the help you want in basic electronics theory and microcontroller programming in a C/C++ programming style. The book starts with the explanation of hardware details, software (IDE) included & its installation, its interfacing with the PC, the codes explained step by step for a basic program, details on interfacing Arduino with some sensors & actuators, explanation on connecting loads drawing more current and the second last section ‘Arduino Quick Reference’ gives short explanation of all the standard instructions supported by the Arduino language. In short, if you are a beginner with some or zero knowledge in the field of programming, this is the best book for you to understand Arduino at cheaper price.

stereo amplifier circuit BA5417