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2 x 32 Watts stereo amplifier

2 x 32 Watts stereo amplifier

Description :

The circuit given here is of a 2 x 32 Watt stereo amplifier using the famous TDA2050V IC from ST Microelectronics. The TDA2050V is an integrated monolithic 32 watt class AB audio amplifier IC available in the Pentawatt package. The IC has lot of good features like low distortion, short circuit protection, thermal shut down etc.

Two TDA2050V ICs are used here, one for each channel. For each channel the input audio signal is fed to the non-inverting input of the IC through 1uF (Non-Polarized electrolytic) capacitor and this capacitor performs the job of DC decoupling. The ratio of the 22K and 680 ohm resistors determine the gain of each channel. The network comprising of 2.2 ohm resistor and the 0.47uF capacitor connected between the output of the amplifier and ground forms a Zobel network which represents the impedance of the speaker appear as a steady resistive load to the amplifier output and this dramatically increases the high frequency response.

Circuit diagram.

stereo amplifier circuit BA5417